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Season 5 - Reconciliation

Ryan McMahon

We're dedicating this entire season of the show to conversations & investigations into reconciliation. In 2015, there may be no bigger societal challenge more important than a pathway forward between Indigenous Peoples & Canadians.

Season 5 of Red Man Laughing will present interviews, panels, keynotes & other audio materials on reconciliation in hopes of helping to push this conversation forward.

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Red Man Laughing - Season 5 Launch

Ryan McMahon

It's here - Red Man Laughing S.5 has started and it promises to be the best season yet! We're launching our biggest season yet - complete with a schedule of live recordings, new partnerships and a new effort to bring listeners out to the field & into the communities/spaces we find ourselves in on our travels while recording Red Man Laughing.

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Red Man Laughing - Season 5 Announcement

Ryan McMahon

It's official - Red Man Laughing will be back for a 5th season - we officially launch season 5 on Monday September 7th, 2015.

We're making this announcement because there almost wasn't a season 5. After much debate and after careful consideration it's been decided the show will back, BUT, will feature a few changes.

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