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ANNOUNCING: Reflections on Reconciliation - Community Voices on Canada's Biggest Challenge


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ANNOUNCING: Reflections on Reconciliation - Community Voices on Canada's Biggest Challenge

Ryan McMahon

As we hit the halfway point of Season 5 of the Red Man Laughing podcast, we took a step back to "zoom out" from our work and have a look around. So far, in Season 5, we've had 95, 000 downloads of the show, 26, 000 cups of coffee have been consumed, and close to 10 000 KM's have been travelled to gather stories. All of this and wee're just 10 episodes into the season. We have 10 episodes remaining in Season 5.

We feel like we've approached this season with a fair & balanced representation of critical, inspirational and conversation broadening episodes that contribute positively to the overall conversation around reconciliation. 


We can do more.

ANNOUNCING: Reflections on Reconciliation

Today we're proud to introduce "Reflections on Reconciliation." This mini-series will act as a supplement to the more produced & research heavy episodes we've been producing through season 5 and will simply open up our microphones to the community at large to have their voices heard in regards to reconciliation.

This is your chance to be heard. This is your communities' chance to be heard.


Are you an individual with something to say about reconciliation? Are you a class or a school working on your own reconciliation project? Are you a survivor of the schools and want to share your perspective?

We'd love to hear from you.

We're trying to make it as easy as possible to have your voice heard on the podcast. Below are the submission instructions.


  1. We need you to record your story into an .mp3 file. Every smart phone device has a voice recorder built into it. If you'd like to get fancy you can use consumer or pro level recording equipment but it's not necessary!

  2. We need your voice. Tell us your 5-10 minute (or less, roughly) take on reconciliation. Record this with your phone or recording device and email us the file!

  3. Submit your materials & we will publish them, unedited and in their entirety. We may "clean up" the audio and erase any long pauses, or tripped upon words. We will not editorialize your submission.