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Red Man Laughing - Season 5 Announcement


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Red Man Laughing - Season 5 Announcement

Ryan McMahon

It's official - Red Man Laughing will be back for a 5th season - we officially launch season 5 on Monday September 7th, 2015.

We're making this announcement because there almost wasn't a season 5. After much debate and after careful consideration it's been decided the show will back, BUT, will feature a few changes.

The goals for this show have always been bigger than what we can deliver - we work on NO budget, we work around Ryan's comedy/writing schedule and we try really hard to break new ground and create space in new places.

This is a really hard job. Sometimes a thankless job. Podcasting is not easy - ask a podcaster.


We think we have a plan and we think we know how we can move forward:

  • Partnerships - we aim to continue to expand our partnerships with festivals, colleges, universities and conferences to deliver insightful dialogue around the issues we face in our communities;
  • Staff - we're hiring a Producer. Talks are already underway with a few freelance producers and we think this will contribute to a successful season;
  • Live Events - we are producing 6 live event recordings this season;
  • Weekly Production - we will be making shorter, more focused works which will aim to take the direction of a more rewarding sound rather than just an open ended conversation.

You can expect a more produced sound, more sound design, sound from the field and an overall overhaul of the Red Man Laughing Podcast. Season 5 will be our most ambitious season yet.


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