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Strong Women's Voices On The Red Man Laughing Podcast


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Strong Women's Voices On The Red Man Laughing Podcast

Ryan McMahon

A Collection Of Red Man Laughing Podcast Episodes From 2012-2015 Featuring Indigenous Women, their thoughts, ideas & the kick ass work they do!

We've put together a collection of 10 incredible interviews from the last 4 seasons of the Red Man Laughing Podcast to raise up women's voices, to bring forth the thoughts, hopes & ideas of some of our leading thinkers & do'ers & to show the world just how kick ass (integral) women's voices are to the community.

In honour of "Mother's Day" (is it too political to say we don't like "Mother's Day" as a "thing" but that we DO like Mother's, but recognize not all women are mother's and not all womb's carry children), we wanted to elevate & celebrate the strong voices of women we've had on the show. Over the last 4 seasons of the Red Man Laughing Podcast we've been very fortunate to have talked to some incredible thinkers & do'ers - this is the greatest part of the job - learning from these voices.

Please enjoy these selected interviews - these are the voices of artists, mothers, doctors, lawyers, architects, weavers, beaders, photographers, game designers, actors, musicians.

PLEASE NOTE: to skip Ryan's opening comments, notes, jokes, rants, monolugues and general buffoonery - skip to the listed episode start time for each interview.

ReMatriate (2015)

In this episode of the Red Man Laughing Podcast we sit down with 3 founding members of the ReMatriate Campaign to talk about their grassroots campaign that brings voice to the opposition of the ongoing appropriation of their cultural identities. 

In short, ReMatriate is a grassroots, Indigenous women led campaign to reclaim Indigenous identities. Ryan is joined by N’alaga (Avis O’Brien - Liwiłda’xw and Haida from Alert Bay, BC), Jeneen Frei Njootli (Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation from Old Crow, YT) and Kelly Edzerza Bapty (Tahltan of the Stikine River and Headwaters) and they cover topics from fashion & cultural appropriation, ReMatriating our communities, smashing patriarchy and why it is so important to look at the work of our elders & women before us to be informed about how to recenter the Women & Two Spirited in our communities.

Episode starts at 4:45.


In this episode of Red Man Laughing we talk to Dr. Elizabeth LaPensée about her research, work & commitment to gaming, storytelling & art. We dig deep into her thoughts around community and her practice and why Indigenous Futurisms may hold the key to health & well being in a connected world.

Ryan and Dr. LaPensée talk about the challenges of working in the "traditional gaming space" and why/how independent gaming is such an important tool for Indigenous creators. 

This episode is all about looking backword to look forward and it's a can't miss episode of Red Man Laughing.

Episode starts at 4:00


In this episode of the Red Man Laughing Podcast we take you inside the Indigenous Circumpolar Women's Gathering hosted by Dene Nahjo in Yellowknife, NWT.

This episode gives you access to the Gathering's closing circle - the process that was put in place for the women to hear the "declaration" and the view the document that was created throughout the week to give the women a chance to bring the work home to continue the conversations.

This episode captures the powerful process of reflection, recommendation & analysis by the women in attendance and there are many takeaways from listening to this process.

Episode starts at 2.35.


In this episode of the Red Man Laughing Podcast we sit down and have a chat with up and coming actor/comedian Madeline Terbasket. In this chat we talk about starting out in comedy, taking risks in order to get to where you want to be and the potential fallout from that. 

This interview takes a bit of a turn about half way through when we talk about Madeline recently diagnosed as Bipolar. Madeline candidly talks about working with the diagnosis and being patient with herself as she learns to walk with Bipolar disorder and the mania that can follow. Ryan shares some of his very dark secrets and together they work there way to a place of calm and peace with understanding that the very real impacts of depression & other mental health issues.

Episode starts at 3.10.


In this episode of Red Man Laughing we have a sit down feature chat with Crystal Shawanda. Crystal shares her story of moving from Wikwemikong to Nashville at a young age & working her way up from an open mic'er to an International superstar. We cover the bumps along the road & how easy it is to get lost along the way down our lifes path. And, finally, we talk about the change her music has taken recently in her move from country music to the blues.

Episode starts at 0:00.


In this episode of the Red Man Laughing Podcast we sit down with the genre bending Tanya Tagaq Gillis. Unconventional in her approach to Traditional Inuit Throat Singing, Tagaq has created a name for herself as a risk taking, innovating & dynamic World talent. Her new album, Animism, is being released by Canadian label, Six Shooter Records, on Tuesday May 27th.

In our conversation we talk about everything from her own Indian Residential School experience (yes, she's a survivor), her creative process & her collaborations, Carnegie Hall with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra & how her art always ties her back to the land.

Episode starts at 14:55.


In this episode of Red Man Laughing we sit down with Metis Lawyer, Educator, mother & ass kicker - Chelsea Vowel. From the Lac St. Anne Metis community in Alberta, Chelsea is based out of Montreal and is currently running a Cree Language Immersion program ( and is the owner of the Apihtawikosisan website - an incredible tool for all things Indigenous in Canada. Chelsea's website was integral to the reeducation of the mainstream when it came to Indigenous Issues in Canada at the height of Idle No More (it still is integral, work with me here) and her work has been published by Indigenous and mainstream publications alike.

Episode starts at 12:35.


In this episode of the Red Man Laughing Podcast we sit down with Christi Belcourt, a Metis visual artist with a deep respect for the  traditions and knowledge of her people.  The majority of her work explores and  celebrates the beauty of the natural world. We really wanted to talk with Christi about her incredible vision behind the "Walking With Our Sisters" moccassin vamp project which took North America by storm this past spring & summer.

Episode starts at 10:45.


In this episode of Red Man Laughing we talk with one of Turtle Islands most important Indigenous artists - Nadya Kwandibens. Nadya Kwandibens is Anishinaabe and French from the Northwest Angle #37 First Nation in Ontario and she is a pure bad ass. She is based in Toronto and much of her work ground breaking works explores the identity of urban Aboriginal people as illustrated in her popular Concrete Indian photography series. Nadya is changing the way the mainstream sees and experiences Indigenous Peoples in North America as her work continues to grow in popularity.

Episode starts at 17:00.


In this episode of Red Man Laughing we talk with author, scholar and artist - Leanne Simpson. Leanne is the author of the incredible "Dancing On Our Turtles Back" and having read the book (going on 12 times now), I decided that i NEEDED to have Leanne on the podcast to share her empowering and enlightening message. Her book changed my life and I not only wanted to thank her, but I wanted to dig a bit deeper in terms of decolinization and where that journey must start - with us, as individuals.

Episode starts at 7:45.