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Photos From The Red Man Laughing CBC Comedy Special Recording!


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Photos From The Red Man Laughing CBC Comedy Special Recording!

Ryan McMahon

Whoa. That was crazy!

Now that the dust has settled from a very crazy 8 weeks of work and an insanely rewarding weekend of sold out live shows, rehearsals, tweaks & twerks - the Red Man Laughing recording for CBC Radio 1 is behind us and it's pretty cool to look back on now!

A BIG THANKS to Nick Sherman, Fawn Wood, Dallas Waskahat & Richard Van Camp. I hand picked this lineup to showcase some of my favourite artists from Indian Country today and you guys hit homeruns all weekend. This show wouldn't have been what it is had it not been for your commitment to it!

There is no official air date for the new comedy special - all I've been told thus far is that it'll air in the Spring of 2014. There have been preliminary talks about next steps with CBC, but, unless the next steps happen the way I want them to - they won't happen. My vision for future is a live recorded show that tours from coast to coast to feature thinkers & doers from a diverse representation of the Nations that make up Indian Country.

Photos courtesy of Cathy Olstad Photography.


There are a great many people to thank. Here's a quick list:

  • The Listeners: thanks to everyone that has stuck with the podcast over the last 3 seasons of the show. We've had some really great moments on the show and we've created a space for ourselves that didn't exist before - the most exciting part of all of this - we're just getting started!
  • CBC Radio 1: thanks to my Producers and all the department heads that helped make this happen. You took a risk on a homemade podcast created by a guy that knew nothing about making radio - thanks for giving me the shot. A special thanks to: Chris Martin, Steve Glassman & Peter Brown - you guys have given me a shot at this and I appreciate the hell out of the support, for challenging me to be funnier & for giving me the platform to share some laughs and some ideas.
  • My Guests: the podcast really found its direction when I started sitting down with ass kickers from around Turtle Island (North America for those that don't get the reference). We've featured academics, powwow singers, visual artists, bead workers, language speakers & more. We're not interested in propping up celebrity culture in Indian Country. We think celebrity culture is bullshit. We are interested in sharing stories to shine a light on the good, bad & the ugly around Indian Country. Thanks to everyone that has shared their light so far.
  • Musical Guests: most of the music we've featured on the podcast has come from musician friends of mine. The Red Man Laughing platform was supposed to be a space to share & talk about the things that are important to me - what's more important than friends that have given everything to their art? Nothing. Thanks to all the musicians that have given their music to the show to play for our listeners.


Good question. I think we're just scratching the surface. I plan on producing two other podcast projects in 2014 and I'm rolling out the BETA of the Indigenous Podcast Network that I'm building. I'm actively on the lookout for other content producers to join forces with so we can build and grow a vibrant and relevant Indigenous Media collective that empowers, disrupts & celebrates all things Indigenous.

As for Red Man Laughing itself - the show belongs at festivals, on tour & in communities. I'm working on a number of cool things right now and 2014 looks to be a big one.

I'd like to produce the podcast beside festivals like the ImagineNative Film Festival - talking to filmmakers, actors, producers to connect their fans & followers with their real life stories.

I'd like to produce a series of podcasts with artists during Aboriginal Music Week - small, intimate acoustic shows that presents a new side of peoples' favourite musical acts through sit down interviews and stripped down shows.

The possibilities for Red Man Laughing are endless. There are hundreds of places for this show to go. Tours. Live shows. It's the Wild West out there. The internet isn't just a place for stupid cat pictures & porn. It's an empowering tool that connects us all.

Let's build.

In Friendship & Laughter

Ryan McMahon