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Red Man Laughing - The FNCFNEA Bill C-33

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Red Man Laughing - The FNCFNEA Bill C-33

Ryan McMahon

In this episode of the Red Man Laughing podcast I am joined by Sarah Cortez (Metis), Janice Makokis (Cree) & Dawn Marie Marchand (Cree/Metis) and we discuss Bill C-33, or the First Nation Control Of First Nation Education Act. The bill has been tabled in the House of Commons and will be moved quickly through the house to gain Royal Assent (brought into law) and the race is now on to educate those that will be deeply effected by the bill.

Not only does this bill break Treaty (no free, prior or informed consent) but it sets First Nations up for disasterous results as this new proposed system would basically adopt Provincial Standards which are failing our Youth in startling numbers. It is felt by many that if we have the chance to create real, meaningful and lasting change to Indigenous Education - it has to come from Indigenous Peoples. 

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For a full list of resources, reading materials, background materials, etc. please visit Dawn Marie's Storify page as a one stop shop for all relevant materials discussed in this episode of the podcast.


Sarah Cortez:

My name is Sarah Cortez. I am from Mikisew Cree First Nation, Fort Chipewyan, Alberta. My maternal lineage is Métis from Lac Ste Anne, Alberta, and this is the place I still call home. I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. I hold a B.A. in Native Studies and an MEd. in Educational Policy Studies with a specialization in Indigenous Peoples Education. I am a Researcher, Beadwork Artisan, Mother, Grandmother, Wife, Daughter, Granddaughter, Sister.

Janice Makokis:

I am Janice Makokis. I am a Cree woman who lives and works in my community of Saddle Lake Cree Nation and am currently Treaty Educator at Blue Quills First Nation College. I believe in acts and expressions of Indigenous self-determination. I am a little bit lawyer, Treaty educator and activist and very concerned about this.

Dawn Marie Marchand

I am Dawn Marie Marchand. I am a Cree and Metis Contemporary Artist from Cold Lake First Nations. I have spent years in two school urban school districts developing art and culture-based strategies for engaging Aboriginal youth. I am willing to share my perspective on the practical limitations and barriers for parents and students.