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Red Man Laughing - The Chelsea Vowel Interview

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Red Man Laughing - The Chelsea Vowel Interview

Ryan McMahon

In this episode of Red Man Laughing we sit down with Metis Lawyer, Educator, mother & ass kicker - Chelsea Vowel. From the Lac St. Anne Metis community in Alberta, Chelsea is based out of Montreal and is currently running a Cree Language Immersion program ( and is the owner of the Apihtawikosisan website - an incredible tool for all things Indigenous in Canada. Chelsea's website was integral to the reeducation of the mainstream when it came to Indigenous Issues in Canada at the height of Idle No More (it still is integral, work with me here) and her work has been published by Indigenous and mainstream publications alike.

In this featured chat we talk about her website going from 300 hits a month to 100 000 hits in a day and what kind of crazy responsibility that was to take on and the blowback that came with it. We talk about language immersion, relearning our languages and the struggle that comes with that. We work through obstacles around Indigenous Feminism and why Settler Femisism tends to bump heads with women from our communities, AND, finally - we talk about raising kids in an Urban environment and the types of specific challenges that presents through our kids' educations and our own sense of responsibility to our children as parents in the Indigenous context.

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