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Red Man Laughing - Sakewewak Storytellers Festival

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Red Man Laughing - Sakewewak Storytellers Festival

Ryan McMahon

In this episode of the Red Man Laughing Podcast we take you to Regina, SK for the 14th Annual Sakewewak Distinguished Storytellers Festival. We are joined by two of the festivals headlining acts - Moe Clark (Metis) & Mihirangi (Maori). 

Moe Clark is a spoken word artist that has mixed music, beats, loops, traditional music & more into her highly original fusion of inspiring & transformational songs of empowerment, struggle & victory. We are so glad to have had the chance to sit down and talk with Moe about balancing contemporary tools with traditional values & ideas - this is a great chat!

Mihirangi is a vocalist that has turned technology into her touring mates - she mixes beats, loops, multi-instruments, beat boxing AND her incredible voice to present a sonic landscape rich with the history of the Maori peoples. Mihirangi and I sit down and talk about her life growing up on the road with musicians as parents and she shares a hilarious story about being caught on live tv having no idea what was being talked about - too good!

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