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Red Man Laughing - The 1491's Interview

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Red Man Laughing - The 1491's Interview

Ryan McMahon

In this episode of the Red Man Laughing podcast we sit down for a featured chat with the 1491's. The 1491's are a sketch comedy & video artist collective that have produced a large body of video work on the internet which pushes boundaries, opens doors and turns Indian Country on its head. We talk about how they got their start, their responsibility as cornerstones in resurgence through art, the REPRESENT video series and what they have on tap next.

This week we have a couple of musical guests - Tall Paul & Bear Fox. Tall Paul is a Minneapolis based Anishinaabe MC/Hip Hop Artist that has turned heads with his new album full of conscious lyrics and head banging beats.

Our other musical guest is Bear Fox. During my chat with the 1491's, Bobby Wilson talks about the REPRESENT vdeo he did with Bear Fox, a member of the Kontiwennenhawi Woman's Singers (translates to "Carriers of the Words,") based out of Akwasasne, NY. Bear Fox is a NAMMY award winner and is dedicated to make music that supports the revitalization and health of Kanienkeha (the Mohawk Language).

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